Friday, 21 December 2012

21st December 2012

It's got to be the Sound Tracks Christmas special, full to bursting with fine and festive sounds.

This Christmas
Sleigh Ride, The Ronettes

Four Christmases
There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays, Perry Como

Jingle All The Way
Jingle Bell Rock, Bobby Helms

Four Christmases
Christmas All Over Again, Tom Petty

Christmas Island, Leon Redbone

Home Alone
Somewhere In My Memory, John Williams

Bad Santa
Please Come Home For Christmas, Charles Brown

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
Title Theme

Hide and Seek
Jingle Bells, Krishna

Die Hard
Christmas In Hollis, RUN DMC

How The Grinch Stole Christmas
The Grinch Song, Thurl Ravenscroft

Christmas With The Kranks
Sock It  To Me Santa, Bob Seger and The Last Heard

The Santa Clause 2
Run Rudolph Run, Chuck Berry

The Nightmare Before Christmas
What's This?, Danny Elfman

White Christmas
Snow, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney

Fred Claus
Santa Claus is Back in Town, Elvis Preseley

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

14th December 2012

This week sees a disco, funk and soul special and Frankie Smith takes the track of the week title

Skatetown USA
Born To Be Alive, Patrick Hernandez

Saturday Night Fever
Night on Disco Mountain, David Share

Eyes of Laura Mars
Let's All Chant, Michael Zager Band

Love Machine, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

The Joy of Disco
I Feel Love, Donna Summer

Double Dutch Bus, Frankie Smith

Roll Bounce
Hollywood Swinging, Kool and the Gang

Thank God It's Friday
Sevilla Nights, Santa Esmeralda

Contact, Edwin Starr

Divas of Disco
Boogie Oogie Oogie, A Taste of Honey

Spank, Jimmy "Bo" Horne

7th December 2012

It's all about Mr Herrmann for my track of the week.

Moulin Rouge!
Elephant Love Medley, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman

The Battle of Neretva
The Naked and the Dead, Bernard Herrmann

Queens Logic
I Want You To Want Me, Cheap Trick

Two-Lane Blacktop
Maybellene, Chuck Berry

There Will Be Blood
Proven Lands, Jonny Greenwood

Sacrifice, Clint Mansell

The Big One
I've Been Everywhere, Johnny Cash

The Mission
The Mission, Ennio Morricone

Up Around The Bend, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Dangerous Liaisons
Main Title/Dressing, George Fenton

Joe Albany...A Jazz Life
Billie's Bounce, Charlie Parker

iFeliz 2010 Cuentame
Latino, Francisco

The Saint
Da Funk, Daft Punk

Top Gun
Through The Fire, Larry Greene

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

30th November 2012

My track of the week goes to the cleansing Thomas Newman with his American Beauty

The King and I
A Puzzlement, Yul Brynner

Vide Cor Meum, Hans Zimmer

Men in Black
Men in Black, Will Smith

American Beauty
American Beauty, Thomas Newman

Main Title, James Horner

Death Proof
Jeepster, T-rex

Once Upon a Time in America
Once Upon a Time in America, Ennio Morricone

From Dusk Till Dawn
Mary Had a Little Lamb, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Memory of Antartica, Vangelis

The Music Room
Title Music, Vilayat Khan

Little Shop of Horrors
Suppertime, Levi Stubbs and Ellen Greene

Sid and Nancy
I Wanna Be Your Dog, The Stooges

Friday, 16 November 2012

16th November 2012

My track of the week belongs to the expansive Beasts of the Southern Wild

I can Hear the Bells, Nikki Blonsky

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Once There Was a Hush Puppy, Behn Zeitlin and Dan Romer

Re-Animation, Danny Elfman

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Could It Be Another Change, The Samples

The Intouchable
You Goin' To Miss Your Candyman, Terry Callier

Inglourious Basterds
Rabbia E Tarantella, Ennio Morricone

Wolf Children
Shonen toYama, Takagi Masakatsu

Never Go In Dad's Office, Christopher Young

A Bullet For The General
Fiesta En San Miguel, Luis Bacalov

The Snows of Kilamanjaro
Memory Waltz, Bernard Herrmann

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

2nd November 2012

It's Astro Boy for my track of the week with the Final Sacrifice

The King and I
I Whistle A Happy Tune, Deborah Kerr

The Thief of Bagdad
Flying Horse Gallop, Miklos Rosza

Saath, Saath
Yeh Teraa Ghar Yeh Meraa Ghar, Jagit and Chitra Singh

Lemon Crush, Prince

Astro Boy
Final Sacrifice, John Ottoman

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Sentenza, Ennio Morricone

Pulp Fiction
Surf Rider, The Lively Ones

Nothing In This World Can Stop Me, Mark Mothersbaugh

The Age of Innocence
Marble Halls, Enya

The Unforgettable Year 1919
The Unforgettable Year 1919, Dimitri Shostakovitch

Salto Al Vacio
Disarm, Smashing Pumpkins

The Sugarland Express
The Sugarland Express, John Williams

Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me), Tony Bennett

26th October 2012

Track of the week goes to the magical mermaid of Kiss The Girl

The Little Mermaid
Kiss The Girl, Samuel E Wright

Man On Wire
An Eye for Optical theory, Michael Nyman

Jhuki Jhuki Se Nazar, Jagit Singh

Farewell Waltz
Farewell Waltz, Frederic Chopin

Twilight: New Moon
Hearing Damage, Thom Yorke

Seven Guns For The Macgregor's
March of The MacGregor's, Ennio Morricone

Scene d'Amour, Bernard Herrmann

The Colour Purple
The Colour Purple, Quincy Jones

Genghis Blues
Kaldak Hamar, Paul Pena

The Mexican
End Credits, Alan Silvestri

Friday, 5 October 2012

5th October 2012

For this very special 100th edition, the show will feature iconic soundtracks from film, tv, stage musicals and videogames:

BBC Cricket/Test Match Special
Soul Limbo, Booker T and the M.G.'s

Dr No.
James Bond Theme, Monty Norman/John Barry

Toe Jam and Earl
Toe Jam Jammin, Greg Johnson

Tales of the Unexpected
Main Theme, Ron Grainer

Comptine d'un autre ete, Yann Tiersen

A Dogs Life
It's A Dogs Life, Michel Villard

Knight Rider
Main Theme, Stu Phillips

Prelude, Bernard Herrmann

Original NES music A (a.k.a. Korobeiniki), Hirokazu Tanaka

Dr Who
Main Theme, Ron Grainer

The Wizard of Oz
Over the Rainbow, music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y Harburg

Defying Gravity, Stephen Schwartz

I Could Be So Good For You, Patricia Waterman & Gerard Kenny

Main Theme, John Williams

Nate's Theme, Greg Edmonson

Miami Vice
Main Theme, Jan Hammer

Moulin Rouge
Your Song, Ewan McGregor and Alessandra Safina

The Big Country
Main Theme, Jerome Moross

Thanks for listening. Here's to the next 100 shows!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

28th September 2012

Earth calling Sound tracks, earth calling Sound Tracks. Come in Sound Tracks for a Sci-Fi special.

Main theme, Jerrold Immel

Main Title, Howard Shore

Dolls Polyphony, Geinoh Yamashirogumi

Fahrenheit 451
The Road and Finale, Bernard Herrmann

La Ville Inhumaine, Paul Misraki

Forbidden Planet
Main Titles, Louis and Bebe Barron

When Worlds Collide
Main theme, Leith Stevens

This Island Earth
Main titles and Shooting Stars, Herman Stein

The Invisible Man
Theme, Heinz Eric Roemheld

Theme, Gottfried Huppertz

Saturn 3
End Credits, Elmer Bernstein

Ghost in the Shell
Ghost City, Kenji Kawai

Yor - the Hunter From The Future
Yor's World, Oliver Onions

Doom, Clint Mansell

The Thirteenth Floor
Downloading, Harold Kloser

21st September 2012

Back to the specials, this week belongs to Mr Harold Faltermeyer, King of the keyboard and 80s synth pop legend.

The Running Man

The Running Man
Mick's Broadcast/Attack

Thief of Hearts
Love Theme

Beverley Hills Cop
Axel F

Beverley Hills Cop
Shoot Out

Beverley Hills Cop
The Discovery

Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice, feat. Marietta

Fire, Ice and Dynamite
Eye to Eye, feat. Roger Chapman

Tango and Cash
Cash in Tunnel/Guards Come/Conan Fries

Main Theme

Exotic Skates

Bit by Bit, feat. Stephanie Mills

Top Gun
Viper's Theme

Top Gun
Top Gun Anthem

Thursday, 13 September 2012

14th September 2012

Alan Silvestri is back on form for my track of the week

Broadway Melody of 1936
Broadway Rhythm, Frances Langford

Theme, Claude Bolling

The Legend of Shenandoah, James Stewart

Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines
Theme, Ron Goodwin

Fletch's Theme, Harold Faltermeyer

Total Recall
Main Theme, Jerry Goldsmith

The Gorgon
Theme, James Bernard

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Il Ponte Di Corde, Ennio Morricone

Ghost Bird,
Where is My Mind, Pixies

Too Risky Day for a Regatta, Stelvio Cipriani

Main theme, Masaru Sato

Finale, Shin-ichiro Ikebe

The Avengers
Theme, Alan Silvestri

Snow White and the Huntsmen
Breath of Life, Florence and the Machine

7th September 2012

Tricky choice for my track of the week this week. Dean and Ricky, it's yours.

Blue Skies
Puttin on the Ritz, Fred Astaire

The Great Waldo Pepper
March, Henry Mancini

A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die
Overture, Riz Ortolani

Rio Bravo
My Rifle, My Pony and Me/Cindy, Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson

Robocop 3
Battle Theme, Basil Pouledouris

Orca's Finale, Ennio Morricone

Seven Golden Men
Theme, Armando Trovajoli

The Expendables 2
I Just Want To Celebrate, Rare Earth

The Tree of Life
Funeral Canticle, John Tavener

The Other Guys
Icky Thump, The White Stripes

The Running Man
Main Theme, Harold Faltermeyer

31st August 2012

Track of the week is the rather charming Jack Buchanan

Be Back Soon, Donald Pippin

Suite, Gerard Carbonara

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Gene Pitney

Prospero's Books
Miranda Previsited, Michael Nyman

Chi Mai, Ennio Morricone

The X Files,
Walking After You, Foo Fighters

Dum Dum Diga, Mukesh

Come Out Of The Pantry
Everything Stops For Tea, Jack Buchanan

Madame Bovary
Waltz, Miklos Rosza

Casino Jack and the United States of Money
Enter Sandman, Metallica

24th August 2012

Track of the week belongs to Mr Herrmann and his sci-fi classic

Poor Jud is Dead, Gordon Mackay and Rod Steiger

A Bullet For The General
Al Tren, Luis Bacalov

The Day The Earth Stood Still
Theme, Bernard Herrmann

Easy Rider
Don't Bogart Me, Fraternity of Man

Falling Slowly, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irgolva

Kill Bill Volume 2
A Silhouette of Doom, Ennio Morricone

Heartbreak Ridge
Sea of Heartbreak, Don Gibson

1492: Conquest of Paradise
Main Theme, Vangelis

The Apartment
Theme, Ferrante and Teicher

Bub and Company, Elmer Bernstein

Osmosis Jones
Alone Again, Gilbert O'Sullivan

Pulp Fiction
Misirlou, Dick Dale and his Del-Tones

Thursday, 9 August 2012

10th August 2012

There can only one bad man this week, it's the Sinnerman

Sister Act
I Will Follow Him, Dolores and the Sisters

From Dusk Till Dawn
Angry Cockroaches, Tito and Tarantula

Pygars New Wings, Bob Crew and Charles Fox

Rock On, David Essex

Just Like The Roses, Cruzados

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Morte Di Un Soldato, Ennio Morricone

The Chocolate War
Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush

7 Day Weekend, Grace Jones

Main Theme, John Barry

The Thomas Crown Affair
Sinnerman, Nina Simone

Friday, 3 August 2012

3rd August 2012

We're going disco for my track of the week, I'm Born To Be Alive

Little Shop of Horrors
Grow For Me, The Cast

Suite, Max Steiner

Ramta Jogi, Sukhwinder Singh and Alka Yagnik

Ferris Buellers Day Off
Love Missile F1 11, Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Main Theme, John Williams

A Fistful of Dollars
The Result, Ennio Morricone

Dear Wendy
The Way I Feel Inside, The Zombies

Betty Blue
Main Theme, Gabriel Yared

Dirty Dancing
Where Are You Tonight? Tom Johnston

City of God
No Camhino Do Bem, Tim Maia

Skatetown USA
Born To Be Alive, Patrick Hernandez

Thursday, 12 July 2012

20th July 2012

It's got Sci-Fi and Video Games, it's Escape From New York for my track of the week.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
June Bride, Virginia Gibson

Goodbye Lenin!
Goodbye Lenin!, Yann Tiersen

Ma Pomme
Ma Pomme, Maurice Chevalier

Young Frankenstein
Transylvanian Lullaby, John Morris

The Folks That Live on the Hill, Peggy Lee

The King & I
March of the Siamese Children, Richard Rodgers

The Darjeeling Limited
Title Music, Shankar Jaikishan

For a Few Dollars More
The Vice of Killing, Ennio Morricone

October Sky
Searchin', The Coasters

El Cid
Love Theme, Miklos Rosza

The Little Mermaid
Part of Your World, Jodi Benson

Escape From New York
Main Theme, John Carpenter

That's Amore!
On The Street Where You Live, Vic Damone

13th July 2012

Oh Mr Bernstein, with this much good music, it's impossible to pick a track of the week.

The Magnificent Seven

The Birdman of Alcatraz

Zulu Dawn
River Crossing

The Great Escape
Main Theme

The Scalphunters
Main Theme


Hollywood and the Stars
Main Theme

Far From Heaven
Main Theme

The Age of Innocence
End Titles

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Hallelujah Trail

6th July 2012

Mr Herrmann, Mr Herrmann, it's time for your close up! Let's go Psycho

The Ghost and Mrs Muir
Main Theme

Psycho Suite

Cape Fear
Cape Fear Suite

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Main Theme

Valse Lente

North by North West
Main Theme

Fahrenheit 451
The Road/The Search

The Trouble With Harry
Main Theme

Twisted Nerve
Theme and Variations

Mysterious Island
Giant Bees/The Giant Crab

Friday, 29 June 2012

29th June 2012

It's time for a special. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Mr Luis Bacalov

Django (Vocal by Roberto Fia)
El Pajarito
Vamos Muchachos!

A Bullet For The General
Quien sabe?
Fiesta en San Miguel
Ya me voy

The Greatest Robbery in the West
Saloon Polka

Chapaqua's Gold
Adios, tierra mia

It Can Be Done Amigo
Can Be Done (Vocal by Rocky Roberts)
Suspense Suite

Sugar Colt
Misteriosa attesa
La gloria

22nd June 2012

My track of the week is feeling quite Poison...ous

Paint Your Wagon
Wandrin' Star, Lee Marvin

Piranha's Are A Very Tricky Species, Mark Mothersbaugh

The Matador
Heat of the Moment, Asia

Chariot's of Fire
Main Theme, Vangelis

Are You Receiving?, Clint Mansell

The Untouchables
Waiting at the Border, Ennio Morricone

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
18 With a Bullet, Pete Wingfield

Fagin's Romp, Lionel Bart

There's Something About Mary
True Love is Not Nice, Jonathan Richman

Doctor Zhivago
Main Theme, Maurice Jarre

The Sinking, James Horner

Run Ronnie Run
Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Poison

Friday, 15 June 2012

15th June 2012

The track of the week lands in the very talented hands of Bjork

Young at Heart
One For My Baby, Frank Sinatra

Free Tibet
Hyperballad, Bjork

Gone With The Wind
Suite, Max Steiner

The Sound of Silence, Simon and Garfunkel

Body Heat
Body Heat, John Barry

The Batman Theme, Danny Elfman

Sacco and Vanzetti
Sacco and Vanzetti, Ennio Morricone

Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer Go, Ali Dee and the Deekompressors

Where Dreams Are Born, John Williams

No More School
Take The Long Way Home, Supertramp

Taxi Driver
The $20 Bill - Target Practice, Bernard Herrmann

Hurt, Johnnny Cash

Saturday, 9 June 2012

8th June 2012

Oh, Darlene, you're my track of the week.

The Nicest Kids in Town, James Marsden

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Open Sea Theme, Sven Libaek

Reservoir Dogs
Coconut, Harry Nilsson

Theme from Shaft, Isaac Hayes

Big Night
Don't Take Your Love From Me, Keely Smith

I'm Afraid of Americans, David Bowie

Inglourious Basterds
Un Amico, Ennio Morricone

O Brother Where Art Thou
I'm in the Jailhouse Now, Soggy Bottom Boys ft. Tim Blake Nelson

Antarctic Echoes, Vangelis

Inglourious Basterds
Davon Geht Die Welt Nicht Unter, Zarah Leander

The Pick Up Artist
Wait Till My Bobby Gets Home, Darlene Love

Love Theme, John Williams

Born Slippy, Underworld

1st June 2012

My track of the week is so cool, thanks Hans Zimmer

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Floorshow, Full Cast

True Romance
You're So Cool, Hans Zimmer

City of God
Convite Para Vida, Antonio Pinto and Ed Cortes

We're Back - A Dinosaur Story
Special Story, James Horner

Last Resort
Happy Heart, Andy Williams

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Two Against Five, Ennio Morricone

Paris, Texas
Paris, Texas, Ry Cooder

Meri Chahaton Ka Samuder Toh Dekho, Abhijeet and Alga Yagnik

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Life on Mars, Seu Jorge

Tank Girl
Thief, Belly

End Titles, Damon Albarn

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

25th May 2012

My track of the week goes to the big dog himself, George Clinton.

Mein Herr, Joel Grey and Liza Minelli

Face Like a Frog
Face Like a Frog, Danny Elfman

10 Things I Hate About You
Atomic Dog, George Clinton

Big Night
Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days, Louis Prima

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, John Williams

The High and The Mighty
Prelude, Dimitri Tiomkin

And I Love You So, Perry Como

Once Upon a Time in America
Deborah's Theme, Ennio Morricone

Spy Game
Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits

Hannibal Rising
Goldberg Variations, JS Bach

Calamity Jane
Higher Than a Hawk (Deeper Than a Well), Howard Keel

There Will Be Blood
Eat Him By His Own Light, Johnny Greenwood

Red Right Hand, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Thursday, 10 May 2012

18th May 2012

Take your spotlight, Sheryl Crow, for my track of the week

The King and I
Shall We Dance, Marni Nixon and Yul Brynner

Ben Hur
Parade of the Charioteers, Miklos Rosza

Waynes World
Rock Candy, Bullet Boys

Risky Business
The Dream is Always The Same, Tangerine Dream

Tron Legacy
Adagio for Tron, Daft Punk

Saving Private Ryan
Hymn to the Fallen, John Williams

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,
The Trio, Ennio Morricone

Planet Terror
You Belong to Me, Rose McGowan

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Hedwig's theme, John Williams

The Darjeeling Limited
Powerman, The Kinks

Tomorrow Never Dies
Tomorrow Never Dies, Sheryl Crow

11th May 2012

My track of the week goes to Michael Nyman for Bird List Song

Band Wagon
The Triplets, Fred Astaire, Nanette Fabray, Jack Buchanan

The Thing from Another World
Main Theme, Dmitri Tiomkin

I'm Sticking With You, The Velvet Underground

The Godfather
Speak Softly Love, Nino Rota

Sarjan Sarjan Teri Dulhan, Yagnik Alka and Chorus

Now We Are Free, Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard

Once Upon a Time in the West
The Man with the Harmonica, Ennio Morricone

Easy Rider
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), Roger McGuinn

Barbarella, Bob Crewe and Charles Fox

Father of the Bride
Today I Met (The Boy I'm Gonna Marry), Darlene Love

An American Werewolf in London
Metamorphosis, Elmer Bernstein

Pontiac Moon
Kansas City, Wilbert Harrison

The Falls
Bird List Song, Michael Nyman

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

4th May 2012

Laced with classical classics, my track of the week is Claire de Lune

You Must Love Me, Madonna

Mad Max Beyond the Thunder Dome
We Don't Need Another Hero, Tina Turner

Oceans 11
Claire de Lune, Claude Debussy

Pretty Woman
King of Wishful Thinking, Go West

The Big Country
Main Theme, Jerome Moross

Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones
Main Theme, John Williams

Beverley Hills Cop,
Axel F, Harold Faltermeyer

Dance of the Hours, Amilcare Ponchielli

Apocolypse Now
Ride of the Valkyries, Richard Wagner

1st May 2012

I'm going for a bit of Dengue Woman Blues for my track the week.

Moulin Rouge!
Your Song, Ewan MacGregor and Alessandro Safina

Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice, Danny Elfman

From Dusk Till Dawn
Dengue Woman Blues, Jimmie Vaughan

Men in Black
MIB Main Theme, Danny Elfman

Southern Nights, Glen Campbell

Frantic, Ennio Morricone

The Thief of Baghdad
The Love of a Princess, Miklos Rosza

Bruce Almighty
Don’t Know Much, Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville

Cherchex La Femm/Se Si Bon, Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band

Empire of the Sun
Empire of the Sun, John Williams

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

27th April 2012

My track of the week goes to the rather marvellous Harpers Bizarre for Anything Goes

A Star is Born
Swanee, Judy Garland

Dry Your Tears Afrika, John Williams

Edge of Seventeen
Smalltown Boy, Bronski Beat

Southampton, James Horner

Pulp Fiction
Surf Rider, The Lively Ones

There's Something About Mary
There's Something About Mary, Johnathan Richman

The Boys in the Band
Anything Goes, Harpers Bizarre

The Battle of Algiers
The Battle of Algiers, Ennio Morricone

The Fifth Element
Lucia De Lammermoor, Inva Muller Tchako

Young Soul Rebels
Police and Thieves, Junior Murvin

The Comancheros
The Comancheros, Elmer Bernstein

Zombie, The Cranberries

A Prophet
Take Me Home With You, Baby, Jessie Mae Hemphill

Eddie, Michael Nyman

Sunday, 15 April 2012

15th April 2012

Normal service has been resumed and this week "You're the Best" is my track of the week.

Ting a Ling, Gordon MacRae

The Bridge at Remagen
The Bridge at Remagen, Elmer Bernstein

The Karate Kid
You’re The Best Around, Joe Eposito

Dirty Dancing
Overload, Zappacosta

Midnight Cowboy
Main Theme, John Barry

The Hunger Game
Just a Game, Birdy

Le Professional
Le Professional, Ennio Morricone

Where The Wild Things Are
Hidaway, Karen O and the Kids

Little Buddha
Faraway Song, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Malcolm X
That Lucky Old Sun Just Rolls Around Heaven, Ray Charles

Streets of Fire
Tonight is What it Means to be Young, Fire Inc

Friday, 30 March 2012

1st April 2012

...and the final special in the complete soundtrack player is the spell binding Amelie by Yann Tiersen.

J'y suis jamais allé

Les Jours tristes (Instrumental)

La Valse d'Amélie (Original version)

Comptine d'un autre été: L'après-midi

La Noyée

L'Autre valse d'Amélie

Guilty, Al Bowlly

À quai

Le Moulin

Pas si simple

La Valse d'Amélie (Orchestral version)

La Valse des vieux os

La Dispute

"Si tu n'étais pas là, Fréhel

Soir de fête

La Redécouverte

Sur le fil

Le Banquet

La Valse d'Amélie(Piano version)

La Valse des monstres

25th March 2012

In the special trilogy, I pick out the finest cuts from Kill Bill Vol.1 and Kill Bill Vol.2


That Certain Female, Charlie Feathers

The Grand Duel, Luis E Bacalov

Twisted Nerve, Bernard Herrmann

Run Faye Run, Isaac Hayes

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Santa Esmeralda

Woo Hoo, The’s

The Flower of Carnage, Meiko Kaji


Goodnight Moon, Shivaree

Il Tramonto, Ennio Morricone

Can’t Hardly Stand It, Charlie Feathers

Tu Mira, Lole Y Manuel

Summertime Killer, Luis E Bacalov

The Chase, Alan Reeves, Phil Steele and Philip Brigham

L’Arena, Ennio Morricone

Malaguena Salerosa, Chingon

18th March 2012

It's a bit of a special week, today I play the entire soundtrack of West Side Story!


Jet Song, Tucker Smith

Something’s Coming, Jim Bryant

Dance at the Gym

Maria, Jim Bryant

America, Rita Moreno and George Chakiris

Tonight, Jim Bryant and Marni Nixon

Gee, Officer Krupke!, Russ Tamblyn

I Feel Pretty, Marni Nixon, Yvonne Othon and Suzie Kaye

One Hand, One Heart, Jim Bryant and Marni Nixon

Quintet, Rita Moreno, Jim Bryant and Marni Nixon

The Rumble

Somewhere, Jim Bryant and Marni Nixon

Cool, Tucker Smith

A Boy Like That & I Have a Love, Betty Wand and Marni Nixon

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

11th March 2012

This week, pure 80s soft rock seals my track of the week with Body Rock

Cabaret, Liza Minelli

The Quiet Man
The Donnybrook, Victor Young

Wayne’s World
Ride With Yourself, Rhino Bucket

Spirited Away
The Stink Spirit, Joe Hisaishi

Tank Girl
Roads, Portishead

North by Northwest
Main Title, Bernard Herrmann

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Ennio Morricone

Body Rock
Body Rock, Maria Vidal

Angel Heart
I Got This Thing About Chickens, Trevor Jones

Big Night
Love of my Life, Louis Prima and Keeley Smith

From Dusk Till Dawn
Foolish Heart, The Mavericks

The Gold Rush
The Gold Rush, Michel Villard

Monday, 27 February 2012

4th March 2012

This track of the week belongs to Mr Michael Nyman.

The Hunchback on Notre Dame
The Bells of Notre Dame, Paul Kandel, David Ogden Stiers and Tony Jay

Johnny Staccato
Main Theme, Elmer Bernstein

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet, Bobby Vinton

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Main Theme, John Barry Orchestra

Nazar Ke Samne
Nazar Ke Samne, Kumar Sanu and Sadhna

For A Few Dollars More
Sixty Seconds to What, Ennio Morricone

A Clockwork Orange
I Want To Marry a Lighthouse Keeper, Erika Eigen

Dangerous Liaisons
Concerto in A Minor for Four Harpischords, George Fenton

The Claim
The Shootout, Michael Nyman

The Lad With The Silver Button, Mark Mothersbaugh

Muriel’s Wedding
Sugar Baby Love, The Rubettes

The Hallelujah Trail
Overture, Elmer Bernstein

12th February 2012

I'm feeling Sly this week, it's big, it's epic, track of the week is Bill Conti.

Sweeney Todd
My Friends, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter

Easy Rider
Kyrie Eleison/Mardi Gras, The Electric Prunes

Le Temps des Gitans
Tango, Goran Bregovic

The Third Man
The Third Man Theme, Anton Karas

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Taking The Day Off, General Public

Death Proof
Paranoia Prima, Ennio Morricone

Gonna Fly Now, Bill Conti

A Quick One While He’s Away, The Who

Pyaar Mein Khabi Khabi
Musu Musu, Shaan

Lost in Translation
Alone in Kyoto, Air

The Shawshank Redemption
Sull’aria, Edith Mathis and Gundula Janowitz

5th February 2012

Let's go spooky for the track of the week this week...Jerry Goldsmith, it's yours.

Yankee Doodle Dandy
I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, James Cagney

Bheegay Honth Tere, Imran Hashmi & Malaika.

Twilight Zone:The Movie
Main Theme, Jerry Goldsmith

The Bodyguard
Trust in Me, Joe Cocker Feat Sass Jordan

Death and the Opera, Elmer Bernstein

Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk, Doris Day

Once Upon A Time In America
Deborah’s Theme, Ennio Morricone

Paris, Texas
Cancion Mixteca, Jim Dickinson, David Lindley and Ry Cooder

Astro Boy
Blue Core Pursuit, John Ottoman

The King & I
Shall We Dance, Deborah Kerr

There Will Be Blood
Oil, Jonny Greenwood

Cannibal Fantasy, Damon Albarn

Monday, 23 January 2012

29th January 2012

The Time Warp, it just has to be my track of the week.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Time Warp, Richard O'Brien, Nell Campbell and Charles Gray

White Lightning
White Lightning (Main Theme), Charles Bernstein

Little Child Runnin Wild, Curtis Mayfield

American Graffiti
Almost Grown, Chuck Berry

Big Night
La Strada Del Bosco, Claudio Villa

Stop The World I Want To Get Off
What Kind of Fool Am I?, Anthony Newley

The Queen
H.R.H., Alexander Desplat

Cinema Paradiso
Cinema Paradiso, Ennio and Andrea Morricone

An Ideal Husband
The Truth is I Lied, Charlie Mole

Valley of the Dolls
Valley of the Dolls, Dionne Warwick

Top Gun
Mighty Wings, Cheap Trick

True Romance
You’re So Cool, Hans Zimmer

Michael Collins
She Moved Through the Fair, Elliot Goldenthal with Sinead O’Connor

22nd January 2012

We go disco for the track of the week this week, it's One Night Only

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Sobbin Women by Howard Keel and the Brothers

La Dolce Vita
Suite, Nina Rota

Cry Baby
My Heart Goes Piddiliy Patter, Nappy Brown

One Night Only, Beyonce, Anika Noni Rose and Sharon Leal

Man on Wire
Dreams of a Journey, Michael Nyman

An American Rhapsody
End of the World, Skeeter Davis

Ebudae, Enya

Seven Guns for the Mcgregors
March of the MacGregors, Ennio Morricone

Reservoir Dogs
I Gotcha, Joe Tex

Jurassic Park
Main Theme, John Williams

West Side Story
Something’s Coming, Richard Beymer (dubbed by Jimmy Bryant)

Sixteen candles
The Boy I’m Going to Marry, Darlene Love

Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
The Phantom Menace, John Williams

Sunday, 15 January 2012

15th January 2012

Track of the week = Colours of the Wind.

You Can't Stop The Beat, Whole Cast

The Glenn Miller Story
Pennsylvania 6-5000, The Glenn Miller Band

Starsky and Hutch
I’m A Ramblin Man, Waylon Jennings

O brother Where Art Thou
I’m A Man of Constant Sorrow, Soggy Bottom Boys

Kill Bill Vol 2
Tu Mira, Lole and Manuel

Gett A Dutt

Sensitive New Age Killer
A Gringo Like Me, Ennio Morricone

Rain Man
Iko Iko, The Belle Stars

Flying Theme, John Williams

True Grit
Cogburn/A Warm Up Wrap, Elmer Bernstein

Colours of the Wind, Judy Kuhn

Quo Vadis
Ave Caesar, Miklos Rosza

1st January 2012

My New Year, New You special track of the week is cradled lovingly by REM

Change, Lightning Seeds

Megamix, Olivia Newton John and John Travolta

The House Bunny
Shut Up and Let Me Go, The Ting Tings

Miss Congeniality
She's a Lady, Tom Jones

Pretty Woman
Kiss, Prince

She's All That
Give It To Me Baby, Rick James

Rebel Yell, Billy Idol

Mean Girls
Milkshake, Kelis

Never Been Kissed
At My Most Beautiful, REM

Strictly Ballroom
Étude - Opus 10, No. 3 in E Major, Frederic Chopin

The Breakfast Club
Don't You, Simple Minds

Love Potion #9
Love Potion #9, The Clovers

My Fair Lady
Get Me To The Church On Time, Stanley Holloway, John Alderson and John McLiam